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It helps to have a studio location and years of content to reference.The questions of legality of the movies has been asked. I know that all kinds of violent acts can be show in mainstream movies...more violent (yet for far shorter of time), then I could ever make.We collect and copy ID's, take interviews, have them sign lots and lots of paperwork.The most important thing though, is we are giving local actors work and that helps everyone out.Adding pornography does not really affect anything, yes for some--there is a line that they perceived has been crossed.

TGG: Well obviously I feel Delila Darling is awesome since you are undoubtedly referring to my hype, amongst others.

Uh Clem wrote: Does anyone know which episode(s) of Hispania contained the bondage/whipping scenes shown in the clip that Gonzaullas recently brought to our attention?

The episodes are: almost rape and branding scenes: 1x02 (I think that the whipping scene also belongs to episode 2, but Im not sure). d=DNUC2UQB Barbara tortured by Marco: 1x04 Download link:

But every group has one or two jewels in there, and it makes for a fun time to search through them.

Mainstream bondage/torture flicks have always been what really does it for me, I guess because of the build-up and pretty, high-budget make-up and actresses.

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