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For other types of registrations, we will ask for the relevant information.You may also be asked to disclose personal information to us so that we can provide assistance and information to you.

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If you purchase by credit card, this information may be forwarded to your credit card provider.For example, if you personalize a web page, or navigate within a site, a cookie helps the site to recall your specific information on subsequent visits.Hence, this simplifies the process of delivering relevant content and eases site navigation by providing and saving your preferences and login information as well as providing personalized functionality.Tattoos are not signifiers of a bad upbringing or a dangerous personality, and it’s a myth that historically they were found solely on the skin of sailors, inmates and other ruffians.Princess Valdemar of Denmark was the Kat Von D of the Victorian-era, commemorating a visit to the Far East with a tattoo of an anchor on her arm; George V had a dragon on his arm, and Edward VII a Jerusalem cross on his chest. I find myself falling in to the latter camp these days, after seeing so many peers use tattoos as a shortcut to the edgy and transgressive “look”. The real beauty of an individual is never simply skin deep.

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