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Current market value indications are derived primarily from analysis of recent comparable market sales.Sales analysis directs adjustments throughout classifications of properties by type and specific neighborhood market defined areas.This condition was recognized, present, and supported the timely low cost transition.

All the current laws directing valuation definitions will continue to be in effect.As a result, assessed valuations could not maintain uniform countywide market value relationships.Assessed valuations routinely experienced 4-year cycle spikes.Taxpayers will not be stuck with inequitable or disproportionately weighted tax bills associated with ”luck of the draw, year of revaluation” market conditions and timings Property owners will experience enhanced property tax understanding.Yearly changes in property tax bills will accurately reflect the direct impacts from government budget and spending changes without puzzling interference from non-uniform cross-county assessed valuation issues. The office operated with a 4-year cycle revaluation computer software system for 26 years.

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