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"50s, 60s and 70s punk" records were played and it soon provided a live venue for Spacemen 3 and various other local bands.

At one of their gigs at The Black Lion in 1985, they came to the attention of Pat Fish, the leader of the recording band The Jazz Butcher; he felt Spacemen 3 were "extraordinary" and "like nothing else".

They continued without a bassist and Pierce would regularly return to Rugby for rehearsals.Spacemen 3 were an English alternative rock band, formed in 1982 in Rugby, Warwickshire by Peter Kember and Jason Pierce.Their music was "colourfully mind-altering, but not in the sense of the acid rock of the 1960s; instead, the band developed its own minimalistic psychedelia" (Stephen Erlewine, All Music)." with a very big 3 on it and it really worked as a logo, it just fell into place. Despite having played fewer than ten gigs, Spacemen 3 decided to produce a demo tape.In 1984 they made their first studio recordings at the home studio of Dave Sheriff in Rugby.

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